Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lets just say it wasn't a white Christmas here in Haiti, in fact it was like no other that I had previously experienced. We woke up and had a nice breakfast that consisted of french toast, eggs, and oatmeal. After stuffing as much as possible we journeyed out around the block, walking past chickens and goats which was probably the last thing I would be doing on December 25th. Needless to say I wouldn't have wanted to spend Christmas anywhere else. Word can't describe the kind of day we had at Grace Village. Getting the chance to be with the kids on this special day was truly amazing. I couldn't believe how excited they were just to be where they were. It is the most humbling experience to see kids with so little have an endless amount of joy in everything they do. The party that they put together for the kids was amazing and super fun to be apart of. Today we also were able to put curtains up on the school that will keep the rain out and allow the children to focus on learning rather than trying not to get soaked. I feel so blessed to be here and just to be able to see everything thats going on is truly a blessing. Mitch Fredrickson

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  1. That doesn't happen to be Felice that you visited? I am her sponsor but only have one picture of her! Beautiful pics of everyone. What a blessed way to spend Christmas!